Timeless, sophisticated, and functional-that’s mid-century modern design. As with mid-century modern architecture and furniture design, lighting also became an area of innovation for industrial designers.

The mid-century modern arc lamp combines geometric shapes and hand crafted metal and wood work to form part of a truly iconic design. The mica arc lamp is one such innovative design from the 20th century.

With that being said, here are some of the best mid-century lighting pieces for your home:

1. Natural Mica 86” Three Light Arc Lamp In Espresso And Bronze With Dimmer Switch

Mid-Century Modern Period Lighting

This arc floor lamp is a magnificent way to bring warm light to your room, while also adding a statement to the space.  Fixed in place overhead, recessed lighting is not alterable and often does not put the light where we need it. For this reason, the arc lamp was invented to provide overhead lighting that is portable.

Designed by Mervin Weitz, the mica lamp combines arts and craft style with mid-century modern elements. The lamp consists of three natural mineral mica shades with bronze detailing. The pattern of natural mica minerals offers subtle variations which give each shade a unique look. The result is a warm glow that makes the ambiance calm and cozy and special.

2. Vaulted 86” Arc Lamp In Espresso And Satin Nickel With Dimmer Switch

Enrich your living spaces with this 1960’s showpiece, created by the former chief designer at NOVA, Peter Morelli. Borrowing on his training as a jewelry designer, the Viennese designer studied vaulted ceiling design to create this unique wood arch.

This huge arc lamp has a matte black wood finish with satin nickel accent detailing. It is crafted from bent wood with a molded Lucite shade. The lamp is equipped with LED lighting for energy-efficiency and optimal lighting. There is a dimmer switch on the column which allows you to control the light output for mood lighting or optimal lumens for entertaining.

A smart switch makes the lamp compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, and Apple Home, which means you can turn the lamp on or off with voice activation or by scheduled settings. 

3. Mushroom 85” Five Light Arc In Black Nickel With Dimmer Switch

This mid-century lighting masterpiece is inspired by nature. Its 5 arcs are like branches of a tree  with a modern twist – the unique mushroom heads at the top can be spread out and adjusted to deliver the light where you need it the most. 

The lamp has a black nickel finish with dimmer switch functionality. The black marble base provides balance and steadiness to the lamp. Adorn your elegant home with this marvelous creation of Peter Morelli, renown Viennese industrial designer.

4. Layers 86” Natural Mica 1 Light Arc Lamp In Charcoal Gray And Gunmetal With Dimmer Switch

This lamp is a perfect companion to brighten up your living space with warm glows. Featuring a gunmetal base, its circular mica shade is layered with a white linen shade to achieve a beautiful diffusion of light. The lamp can be combined with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, and Apple Home for voice activation or scheduling and the dimmer allows for just the right mood. The unique diffused light from the circular mica shade makes the lamp a source of warm, cozy overhead lighting.

5. Artifact 86” Natural Mica 3 Light Arc Lamp In Dark Walnut, Espresso and Bronze With Dimmer Switch

The warm glow emanating from the amber mica shades are a joy to behold and provide a campfire’s warm glow.

The base is finished with a gunmetal patina. The 9” mica shades allow you to bring light to larger spaces. The lamp is also compatible with smart functionality and offers a dimmer switch. This shimmering artifact will be an exquisite addition to your living spaces.  

While selecting lighting can be daunting, here we have provided you with some of the best lighting solutions to choose from. Choose the best solution from NOVA Of California based on your preferences and be ready to enrich your home with a warm glow.