Let There be Light – The Iconic Vintage Lamps created by of NOVA of California

Timeless designs add a unique historical reference and elevated aesthetic appeal to any room. Elevate your home's style and embrace a sense of sophistication with these iconic pieces of enduring beauty.

Palm Spring 3 Light Arc Lamp

Experience the charm of the Palm Springs 3 Light Arc Lamp, a quintessential mid-century classic that brings a touch of classic  allure to your space.

Stretch Chairside Arc Lamp 

Embrace practical modernity with the Stretch Chairside Arc Lamp. Designed by Peter Morelli in 1979, this overhead lighting solution cantilevers over sectionals and sofas. Its sleek architectural lines, crafted in steel with a matte black finish, make it both functionaland visually appealing.

Melmar 1 Light Arc Lamp

Make a statement over sectionals and sofas with this eye-catching arc lamp, designed by Peter Morelli in 1962. It stands out as a dramatic hand-crafted piece that tastefully enhances your interior decor.

Morelli Arc Lamp

This classic arc lamp not only serves as a source of illumination but also as a statement piece that adds personality to your environment. Designed by Peter Morelli in 1961, this arched wood floor lamp has become an American icon.

Bring timeless elegance to your home with these iconic NOVA lamps.

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