Assembly Video

Rancho Mirage 3 Light Arc Lamp Assembly

Rancho Mirage 3 Light Arc Lamp is extremely easy to assemble. This 3-light arc lamp is a true mid-century show-stopper, inspired by classic aesthetics. Its trio of shades can fan out as desired and become a focal point over sofas & chairs, and create overhead lighting without the need for an electrician.

Marilyn 3 Light Arc lamp Assembly

Assembling the Marilyn arc lamp isn’t complicated at all. The Marilyn 3 Light Arc Lamp features cut crystals hidden behind sleek mylar shades. When it is turned on, the crystals shimmer and glisten, creating an eye captivating pattern of light. When turned off, the mylar shades become opaque. Finished in polished chrome, the Marilyn 3 Light Arc is a glamourous, modern and dazzling addition to living spaces. 

Marilyn 1 Light Crystal Arc Lamp

Clean, modern, and thoroughly glamourous, the Marilyn 1 Light Arc Lamp creates a dramatic centerpiece in living areas with an easy assemble method. Finishes in sleek chrome, the Marilyn 1 Light Arc complements modern spaces. When on, the cut crystals beneath the mylar shade glisten and shimmer, casting a pattern of light across the room.

Palos Verdes Arc Lamp

The design of the Palos Verdes Arc Lamp is inspired by a vintage mid-century piece from NOVA’s archives to create the Palos Verdes Arc Lamp. This lamp embodies simplicity and is even simple to assemble its parts together. The simplicity of the off-center linen shade tops off the oversized, gentle arc that rises from the solid cylindrical wooden base creating an overall design that compliments many different room styles. 

Interlace Backlit LED Mirror

Easy to assemble & install Interlace Illuminated Mirror features an elegant lace etched pattern giving it a unique look. To start it gently touch the discrete on/off button at the bottom of the center of the mirror and the etching transforms into a gorgeous glowing pattern of light. Measuring 36 inches round, the Interlace Illuminated Mirror is sure to bring new life into any space.