NOVA Of California

Replacement Parts Policy

NOVA designs new products on an ongoing basis and has been doing so for nearly 100 years. It is impossible to stock parts for each unique design.

NOVA products are built to last and many vintage NOVA products from the 1950’s and 60’s are selling for high prices on vintage sites and are still in excellent working condition. We understand that on occasions customers break, lose or damage parts of a lamp. While we would love to stock parts of all of our designs, this is simply not feasible. If we can help and happen to have the part, we will send it. Otherwise, we recommend the following resources for standard lamp parts

Grand Brass: Grand Brass Lamp Parts, LLC
Luminance/American De Rosa: Luminance Brands residential, industrial and commercial lighting solutions
And many parts can be found on Amazon and eBay.

If we have stock of the same design for which you need a replacement part, please send us a photo of the lamp showing the part needed and we can offer you a special discount on a complete replacement of that lamp rather than just a part. We are here for you and want to come up with a practical solution so that you can continue enjoying your NOVA purchase for years to come.