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Personal Health and Safety


Hand Sanitizer Dispensers & UV Sterilizers


We are problem solvers, innovators, and creators of quality products for the home and guest room. Our assortment of luxury sanitizing products was created in response to the public need for health and safety that is part of our new norm.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser -Floor Stand

Our touchless hand sanitizer dispenser floor stand is as attractive as it is effective in killing harmful germs and bacteria. Customizable to include company logos, it is an elevated solution for health and wellness in public spaces, hotel lobbies, offices and a range of facilities where the health of your employee, customer or guest is of the utmost importance.

We can recommend key resources to fill our sanitizer dispensers who offer effective solutions that are environmentally friendly and superior to the chemical fills that are commonly available. Just ask.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser -Table Top

Our hand sanitizer dispenser for table top offers the elegance and effectiveness of the floor stand model in a compact design that can be placed in guest rooms, on reception desks and in a range of space restricted applications.

Elevate your guest experience by committing to the health and wellness of your employees, customers and guests by encouraging cleanliness.

UV Sterilizing Valet Box

Sanitize your personal items in style. The UV Sterilizing Valet Box is elegant and compact with a contemporary design that is built to last. Place your mobile phone, keys, tv remote and personal belongings in the valet, press CLEAN and relax as harmful germs and bacteria are eradicated within minutes.



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