Know what you’re getting and what to expect with our NOVA Illuminations decorative LED bulbs. With your NOVA bulb assortment, you’ll feel confident in knowing you are choosing the optimal, high-quality, energy-saving bulbs for your specific fixture. 


You can buy cheap bulbs online from general sources such as Home Depot, Lowes, Alibaba, or Amazon. Still, you will get what you pay for in this case–a cheap, flickering, short-lived, non-dimmable light that can cause eye strain or spoil the ambiance you are seeking to create. Not the most efficient LED lighting possible. 

The best bulbs mean better lighting for every fixture. We are passionate about lighting and can’t wait to introduce you to the world of best bulb buying. 

LED Decorative Light Bulb in Modern Lamp
Surfrider Lamp by NOVA


Design. Application. Placement.

We select the best available bulb for your specific lighting fixture—no matter the form, whether it be portable, wall, or ceiling. Your best decorative led bulb is chosen for a particular placement in both commercial and residential settings.  


The right bulb with the right stuff.

Each bulb is chosen with performance factors in mind, including flicker-free, ideal color temperature, optimal color rendition, energy-efficiency, reliability, dimmability, compatibility with current dimming systems, and useful life. Additionally, you will be UL protected.


For North America residential and commercial lighting applications. 

For many, buying bulbs is an afterthought that results in selecting sub-par standard bulbs off the shelf that don’t meet the needs of the fixture or the environment. We liken this to buying a Ferrari body and dropping a Pinto engine into the chassis. Most off-the-shelf decorative led bulbs are offered at the lowest possible prices and allow for the lowest possible performance. 

The NOVA Illumination assortment is designed with your specific lighting design in mind and the most efficient led lighting possible. 


Benefit financially for the long-term.

Optimized bulbs may cost more upfront than off-the-shelf lower end bulbs, but you will ultimately save money in the long run. Our long-lasting bulbs require less frequent replacement and less wattage per lumen (light output). Additional ways you will save money include: 

  • Replace bulbs less frequently, save the labor cost on the replacement effort, and cost of replacement bulbs.
  • Energy-saving and bulb efficacy-our bulbs are designed to last 15,000 hours or 7-10 years based on standard usage. They require less energy, produce less heat, and last longer than most bulbs readily available on the market.  
  • Reduce the number of bulbs required by utilizing higher lumen bulbs rather than using multiple bulbs.
  • Reduced heat means lower air conditioning bills.


Starting at 100 lm/W.

While many are used to buying bulbs based on wattage to judge brightness, we need to learn that LED’s are a game-changer. In evaluating a bulb, we need to pay attention to lumens per watt—simply, what brightness the bulb delivers for the energy invested. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a source for 100 lm/W bulbs that produce more light using less energy that will last as long as our bulbs.


 If it’s an industry-related test, rest assured we’ve passed it.  

Our bulbs are UL certified, so you can be confident that it is safe and meets all international standards. If you are looking for a bulb that meets Title 20, Title 24, or JA-8, we can help.

If you are looking for a dimmable bulb compatible with standard Lutron and Creston systems, we can provide. The LED market is fast-changing, and we stay on top of the latest technology and standards and are continually seeking to optimize our offering.


No flicker bulbs are better.

Most of the lower-end LED bulbs are not compatible with current dimming systems. Our dimmable bulbs are tested and compatible with Lutron and Crestron systems.

When you dim the light, you don’t need to worry about flickering bulbs or dimming settings that jump from low to high rather than offering a gradual increase in brightness.


Every bulb is 90+ CRI.

Going by the Color Rendering Index (CRI), our bulbs get an A. You want to see actual colors as you would see in natural light so that an apple looks red and the clothes you wear color coordinate when you walk out the door.

“The higher the CRI, the better the artificial light source is at rendering colors accurately. High (above 80) CRI is preferred in the home. ENERGY STAR requires that qualified fixtures have lamps with CRI above 80.”

For more information on Color Rendering Index visit


Efficient LED Bulbs Guaranteed to Set the Mood

NOVA of California offers bulbs that are 2700K so that you experience the ideal, warm lighting in your environment. Shopping online at Amazon, Home Depot, or comparable outlets, you are likely to experience lighting ranging from warm yellow to blue. The inconsistency can be jarring and ruin the mood.


Real people, fast solutions. 

You can rest assured we’ve got the engineering side of things covered. We’ve been a leader in lighting for over 100 years. Call (323) 277-6266 with any question, and you’ll save hours of frustration. We also commit to helping resolve your issue, whether it is bulb-related or not.  


Trusted source of efficient LED bulbs.

Several major lighting manufacturers have chosen our bulbs to include with their fixtures. 

Companies that care about the user experience trust in the NOVA Difference for all their bulb sourcing. You can buy it cheaper, and the experience will be cheapened.


We promise to provide you with the best bulbs. 

You’ll get all the benefits below guaranteed when buying NOVA’s best bulbs: 

  • NOVA’s carefully curated assortment of bulbs is based on optimizing each room’s user experience, the desired mood, specific applications and fixtures, and the specific environment.
  • NOVA’s stamp of approval means high quality, safe, well-made, and long-lasting.
  • NOVA’s assurance means that the purchase has excellent long-term value: saves on electrical bills, reduces replacement frequency, and optimizes the user experience.
  • NOVA focuses on health optimization to reduce eye strain caused by flicker or dim lighting, so you get the right light for the correct application (desk vs. ambient vs. wall vs. overhead)
  • NOVA’s functional confirmation: the bulb is dimmable, and it is the right bulb for each fixture, whether it be table, floor, arc, wall, or ceiling. 
NOVA Double Rainbow Table Lamp, Antique Nickel uses NOVA LED Strip Bulb with 2700K Color Temperature, 1400 Lumens, 12V 20W LED.


Long life. Our bulbs are rated for 15,000 hours.

Energy Efficiency Factors

  • High brightness and intensity
  • Exceptional color rendition
  • Low radiated heat
  • Reliability
  • Instant illumination
  • Directional lighting

Health Benefits of Using Decorative LED Bulbs

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Reduces headaches
  • Regulates your Circadian rhythm
  • Increases your learning performance and productivity
  • Reduces your exposure to mercury
  • Reduces your exposure to UV radiation
  • Reduces your exposure to anxiety-inducing buzzing noises
  • Provides warmer, cozier lighting than the lower end alternatives

You’ll find the ideal LED bulb specified for each product in our LED lighting collection on their respective product pages. To buy decorative LED bulbs online at NOVA or inquire about the most efficient LED lighting for your existing fixtures, kindly email