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Authentic Materials

The NOVA fixture’s mica shade panels are the same natural materials mined in quarries and used during the Arts & Crafts period by master lamp makers. Mineral mica flakes, combined with organic shellac, making each mica shade unique based on the mineral deposit patterns and range of colors of the crystals. Dirk Van Erp, a California coppersmith, was the first to make mica lampshades in 1910. When illuminated, the shades gave off a warm, fire-like glow and generates the light of a campfire or fireplace.

Dual Purpose Operation

When searching for the ideal lighting for your room, choosing just one can be overwhelming. With that in mind, our Mica 3 light arc floor lamp offers dual functionality and easy plug-in operation. With its arching design, the Mica is a viable alternative to a ceiling fixture that requires an electrician, punching holes in drywall, painting, and patching. The Mica lamp provides a unique layer of warm dimmable lighting for those rooms with existing overhead fixtures or with no overhead lighting

Product Features

With many of us adopting new lifestyles and tighter budgeting, our intentions turn towards investing in higher quality products that are made to last. Each NOVA design is created to last for decades and generations to come!

We are always delighted when we run across the original 1960s and 70s NOVA light fixtures, such as the Mica 3 Light Arc Floor Lamp, at estate sales, or high-end vintage lighting stores that are still in beautiful condition and working order. Many of our customers are enjoying their NOVA purchases after decades of use and come to use 30, 40, and 50 years later asking for replacement parts or inquiring about the origin of the design

NOVA Product Difference

Compared to other portable lamps on the market, our Mica shade lamp is of superior craftsmanship and is made using authentic materials and construction practices. We use natural mica minerals to compose each of the lampshades. This results in a unique look and illumination not found in other lamps with plastic shades made to mimic the look of Mica.

Product Highlights

  • Versatile Accent Piece: The Mica 3 light arc lamp measures 87H x 50L x 52W and weighs 36 lbs. This lamp adds a stylish aesthetic anywhere it’s placed.
  • Durable Construction: The bronze arc lamp is built from wood and steel construction, making it durable and sturdy.
  • Elegant Light Shade: The lamp’s trio of shades is made of steel with mica panels and offers the brightness of  3 x 75W (8.5w LED) medium base bulbs. The mica shade brings a warm, fiery glow to any room.
  • Dimmer Control: The fixture’s bulbs are controlled by a dimmer switch to give you full control over lighting intensity.
  • Buy with confidence: Nova was founded in 1923 with a commitment to creating original home decor designs that were well-crafted with attention to detail, and this piece is no exception.

Decorative + Placement Ideas

While the Mica fixture has a decidedly Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, you’ll find it melds beautifully across many styles in the design spectrum—from contemporary to transitional to traditional Arts & Crafts. The Mica shade floor lamp’s trio of Arts & Crafts inspired lampshades to give it a vintage feel ideal for Boho, Eclectic, and period style decors.

Mica mineral shades paired with rich wood and metal are well-suited to Lodge, Mountain, or Rustic style room settings. In addition to providing a warm layer of light to your space, this bronze arc lamp’s versatile aesthetic allows you to keep your lamp even through decades of changing style preferences, moves, and renovations.

NOVA Heritage–Past & Present

Since 1923, NOVA has been a designer and manufacturer of decorative lighting for the retail, hospitality, and design trade. As the oldest lighting manufacturer in North America, NOVA has become famous for utilizing woodworking and mixed materials with modern forms to create original designs that have not been seen before. We value craftsmanship and pay attention to the most minute details in our work.

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NOVA of California’s Mica 3 Light Arc Floor Lamp features mica shade lamp panels that are made of the same natural materials that were mined in quarries and used during the Arts and Crafts period by master lamp makers. Learn more about Mica Mineral Arts & Crafts Lighting coming soon on our NOVA Ideas + Inspiration blog.

The Right Bulb for Your Mica 3 Light Floor Lamp

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Customers who also bought the Mica shade floor lamp…

wildcoast – 9/13/2020
“We love the height and dramatic look of this lamp.  It is exactly what we needed for our our living room with high-ceilings. When we entertain, we dim the light lower to create a warm fire-light. During the day, we increase the intensity and it lights up our living room.”

Here’s what else our customers are saying about the Mica 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp.

Additional information

Weight30 lbs
Dimensions50 × 52 × 86 in
Body Material


Body Finish / Colour

Bronze, Dark Brown

Base Material


Base Finish / Color

Dark Brown

Base Length Width

32"X 32"

Base Height


Shade Top Dimension


Shade Bottom Dimension


Shade Vertical Height


Shade Material


Shade Finish/Color


Shade Shape


Type of Bulb Included

Not Included

Bulb Base Type

Medium (E26)

Bulb Type




Switch Type


Switch Location


Cord Color


Cord Length




Assembly Required?


Bulb Included


28 reviews for Mica 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp, Bronze

  1. NOVA of California’s Team

    Beautiful addition to a living room.
    Beautiful best discribes this lamp. The shades add a warm glow and the dimming feature provides the lighting you need for any situation. It goes perfectly in our living room and matches our decor. I would highly recommend this lamp. We Love it!!

  2. Karen Miller

    We purchased new living room furniture, and were looking for a new lamp to compliment it. This one caught out eye at the same time. DIfferent that the cheap brass or silver globes that are so common. So we ordered it, and it was here next day because we have prime. Itg assembled perfectly, and quickly. Withing a couple of minutes, it was burning bright. The stand is metal, but it is painted to look like wood. Which was a surprise, but even more so because it matched our entertainment center, and end tables perfectly. I have never paid so much for a lamp before, but I am looking for more pieces from the same company.

  3. K from Michigan

    This lamp is just beautiful! Was so excited to get it and replace a large brass spider floor lamp we had. It’s very large and looks great behind our sectional and looks wonderful with high ceilings. Love the mica shades and dimmer switch which gives the room a soft amber tone in the evenings. The lamp shipped very quick. Could have better directions, very basic, so I just winged it. It took me about an hour to put together and was just keeping my fingers crossed that it worked! So glad it did, we get so many compliments on it!

  4. Rae O

    This lamp is stunning!
    Wow! This lamp is beautiful! It is large- you need a lot of space in your room to fit this. We don’t have particularly high ceilings, so we were worried that it would be too tall; but it looks great. My husband is 6′ tall and can walk under the lamp shades without bumping his head (someone under 6’2″ would probably be able to.) The shades are a beautiful orange shade while on and more of a dark brown when the lights are off. The dimmer switch is awesome and conveniently located on the post of the lamp where you can reach it from the couch.

  5. NOVA of California’s Team

    Big Light that’s better for focused lighting over an area rather than an entire room.
    I feel like we got what we paid for with this. Very sturdy metal and wood construction. Towers over our sectional — no chance you’ll hit your head sitting down and standing up unless your well over 6 feet tall. The shades are about 12 inches in diameter which was wider than I thought they would be. The dimmer switch is a nice feature. Took 10 minutes to unpack and 15 minutes to construct with 2 people, but I do fancy myself to be handy around the house however.

    As far as the amount of light it puts out, each 75W fixture lights up a circle 6-8 feet in diameter below it. The shades are dark so little to no light is directed upwards. So if your looking to light up an entire room, the room better be small or find a different light.

  6. Mike Burtyk

    Sturdy high quality Lamp!I have been searching for a nice looking arc lamp for some time and stumbled across this. Ordered this, and it came to the house quickly. It was very easy to assemble and came with a tool to tighten the bottom lugs, however it is quite big and you need room to put it together. Once assembled this is an absolutely stunning Lamp. It is high enough for me to walk under (as I am 6’2″) and has a sturdy wooden base which is better than any arc lamp I have come across to date. The lamp is beautiful and spans over my leather couch giving reading light (which may be dimmed using the switch provided you have the right type of bulbs for that) across most of the couch. It really gives the room a real classy look. Now I have to find a mica lamp to sit on a table to complement this piece.

  7. Diana B.

    Beautiful addition to my great room.

  8. Arletha W.

    I love my lamp it fit perfectly.

  9. RonR.

    It worked out!
    We bought this for a reading room, but it was too big and it overwhelmed a small room. We placed it in our family room and it worked out just perfectly.

  10. winterweather

    This lamp is gorgeous !! It looks great in my sitting suite of my bedroom. The construction is very durable.

  11. Lizbeth

    Love this lamp! Awesome. Excellent quality, though not cheap, it is worth every penny. Base is reinforced with steel and very sturdy. We removed the short ends of the base so we could get it close to the wall/corner behind the sofa and still keep the sofa close to the wall. When we started to cut the wood from the base, we found steel reinforcements and we were able to use the grinder to get the two small feet cut shorter.
    The switch on the lamp is located mid way up so it is easy to access from the couch. It will dim the lights or shut them off, all three lights at once. If you want more flexibility, get the led light bulbs that come with a remote. I purchased one bulb with the remote and two bulbs to accompany, so three bulbs on one remote. With the remote I can operate all three bulbs at once or one at a time with the options to dim, change light from natural to warm, put them into night mode, or turn them off or on (one at a time or all at once) Love it! This lamp is tall enough that it doesn’t interfere with my prints on the wall or people getting up and down from the couch.

  12. Jeff A

    A little disappointed in the color.
    Though I like it, I was disappointed that it is not exactly “dark brown”. Has what I would describe as a “dark rusty red” look. My couch is dark brown in the photo for comparison. To much trouble to box it up and return it.

  13. Sheila G.

    Perfect fit:
    This lamp works well with our decor. We placed Edison bulbs in it to create a warm cozy glow. I would definitely buy again.

  14. NOVA of California’s Team

    I love this lamp. It is very big- there is about 8 or 10 inches from the highest point of the lamp to my (really classy) popcorn ceiling and it goes to about the middle of the 3 seat sofa it is beside. The lighting is just great for reading or tasks, and I used dimmable LED bulbs. Assembly was not hard – but the instructions were minimal and I didn’t think to orient the lights over the longer legs of the base (yeah, I know, duh, but sometimes it just helps to have things spelled out a bit more obviously) – but I was able to loosen the nut from underneath with the lamp on some boxes and rotate it to the correct position without having to disassemble the whole thing – a task I definitely did not want to repeat. It comes with a tool to tighten the nut at the bottom, but I used a socket wrench for repositioning. It probably took me between half an hour and 45 minutes to assemble. It was just a little awkward because of its size.

  15. Diane

    This lamp was perfect for the spot we needed it for. We created a reading corner in our living room and this is the centerpiece of that corner. It’s beautiful and sets off a lovely glow that is adjustable with the dimmer switch. As others have said, it is big! Make sure you have room for it, a high ceiling, and be prepared for it to take a prominent spot in you decor. We will be adding wall decor but this lamp has changed how and what we will end up putting on the walls.

  16. Laura T.

    love the light. put it behind our new sectional. adds so much warmth to the room.

  17. Christine r.

    Great site. Great value. Beautiful lamp.
    Love this lamp. Great quality. Great deal.

  18. sneha.daga@novaofcalifornia.com

    Easily put together, looks exactly as pictured. Perfect in my living room, behind my sectional couch.

  19. fryingmonkey

    Decent lamp, but at this price point ($330) on a supposed ‘discount’ website like overstock.com, those shades should be real mica – not faux mica advertised as ‘mica’. The underside of the shades are cheaply constructed and unattractive. An average lamp for a premium price. The lamp I give 3 stars, but the misrepresentation drops it to two

  20. Terrie K.

    This arc lamp is of great quality!

  21. wildcoast

    We love the height and dramatic look of this lamp; it is exactly what our high-ceiling living room needed. The bulbs are exposed so the lamp at a high wattage emits a harsh light. That may be partly due to the clear Edison bulbs we installed. We usually use it at a low wattage and then it gives a warm, welcoming light.

  22. Rick

    The wire connection between the base and the lights was broken. We were able to use wire nuts to make the connection (not a big deal) but it was broken. Otherwise the lamp is attractive and cozy looking when turned on. Edison bulbs look especially nice.

  23. Eric M.

    Arrive in fine shape. Breeze to assemble. Metal finish is not so hot and ours had some blistering in paint, but okay at normal distance from a chair. Dimmer works well. Mica orange glow is nice. All three shades are warped such that they appear to have been squeezed, but they are stiff, so it’s likely a result of hand building. Support is large, but given lamp size, I imagine it will go behind something

  24. rachel9999

    I love this floor lamp! It goes perfectly with my leather sectional sofa. It is sturdy and stable. I also like the dimmer switch. This was bought to replace one I bought years ago but got damaged in a move.

  25. Ryan K.

    Unique and flashy light
    I love this light, very happy went with this style. It overhangs our leather sectional and provides a great amount of light, which can be dimmed. It always gets compliments and looks somewhat Eastern and fancy. Can make it as bright/dim as you want depending on kind of bulb you purchase with it.

  26. Gwen G.

    Just. Gorgeous. More than pictures can do justice
    Lamp is very tall, so check measurements. Mica shades are really nice and overall construction beautiful.

  27. Atsusi H.

    Perfect fit. So happy. Lamp perfect in our new condo, filling corner with beautiful glow and matching mica sconces in dining room. Easy to assemble and adjust as well!

  28. John

    I really like the way this lamp is adjustable from a width perspective. Each arm can be positioned to your liking. Easy to assemble and high quality. Love!

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