Modern desk lamps have been essential for homes since electricity became accessible in the first half of the 20th century. They provide lighting for every room in homes and apartments. Lamps are also considered lovely decorative items that add to the creation of a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

A room can feel confined and dark with poor illumination. You only need a few brilliant ideas if your living room is small and you want to improve the lighting. With innovative lighting options, such as accent, table, floor, and ceiling lamps, California lighting companies can give your living space a fresh look.

1. Mid-Century Modern Desk Lamp for Living room

To illuminate expansive areas, like couches or corners, floor lamps are often used in living rooms. You can set these lights directly on the floor as they don’t require anything to support them, thanks to their height. 

With a dark brown and brushed nickel finish and a stunning Etruscan Gold Linen shade, our half-moon transitional floor lamp radiates elegance to your living room. 

Any space with a console or side table can benefit from table lamps. The Concord Table Lamp design highlights clean lines, an appealing shape, and functionality. If you want to buy a table lamp online, it is ideal for illuminating a couch or chair beside a table in your living room. 

2. Modern Desk Lamp for Bedroom

Explore the Latest Trendy & Stylish Modern Desk Lamp Designs
Explore the Latest Trendy & Stylish Modern Desk Lamp Designs

Nightstand lamps must provide adequate lighting and look stylish to read comfortably and conduct other bedtime activities. It doesn’t matter if you are the only person using the room, if your bedroom is vast, or if your mattress is a king, bedroom lamps provide a better balance of illumination.

Our Bradley Bar Light can be used as a bedroom light differently. This bar light can be placed as a picture, bedside sconce, or wall fixture. 

The Solona wall sconce was inspired by a historic sconce discovered in a mid-century hotel in Solana Beach and offered a modern take on a classic design. This beautifully made mid-century modern lamp has an adjustable base and a dimming option and is perfect for the bedside.

3. Task Floor Lamp for Home office

The design and class of the lighting in your home office can influence how productive you are when working there. Artificial lighting is even more important when illuminating your home office if no natural light is available. 

Many home offices include a vintage task lamp that provides precise illumination. If you are looking for a grand, gigantic mid-century showpiece for your home office, the Vaulted 1Lt Arc Lamp can be a perfect fit. The user can modify the output level of the light by using the convenient dimmer switch.

The Orson 3 Light arc lamp will immerse any room in a calming diffused glow. The mouth-blown glass globes with a smokey mirrored finish have a vintage yet modern style that allows the light to brighten the home office without casting any glare. 

4. Reading Lamps for Bedroom

If anybody were to ask you, avid readers, when is your preferred time to read, you would all reply ‘night.’ People prefer to read at night when there is little disturbance outside and nobody bothers them. It is especially for those who enjoy cuddling up in a chair and reading their favorite book.  

Reading lamps are the ideal gift for people who enjoy reading. The Luna Bella chairside arc floor lamp, based on a 1960s mid-century modern NOVA design, looks great next to a love seat, club chair, or wing chair. The original design utilized red oak, bendable Italian poplar, polished brass, and blow-molded acrylic.

We have launched a reissued Melmar 1Lt arco lamp, with modern improvements in style and technology. This reissue has all the mid-century features and a contemporary style to make your reading comfortable.

5. Modern Desk Lamp for a statement piece

Almost all of the items in a home serve some useful purpose. That doesn’t mean the lighting fixtures should go unnoticed. Rather than fading into the backdrop, statement lighting serves as a focal point. Bold statement lighting is an integral part of every lamp that our team creates.  

We offer a variety of forms, sizes, and designs for your statement lighting solutions. With its modern design, brushed nickel, and dark brown finish, the Escalier modern floor lamp will inspire imagination in your living area. Its five-tiered form fits the interior design of any modern home.

The Carnival LED Infinity Mirror is a mirror and a statement piece while providing an endless light span. This large-scale, 36-inch mirror graces your wall with stylish, multipurpose decor.

6. Wall Lamps for the Living Room

Our elegant range of wall lamps is ideal if you want to highlight the architectural details in your home, add more light, or create a moody atmosphere. As a top California lighting company, our collection features unique styles that can match any home, from a quiet bedroom to an elegant living room. 

The Petaluma Sconce emits a soft, warm glow of light that looks lovely on the wall. The high-quality porcelain shade features an imprinted line pattern that enhances lighting. It also produces a pattern of light and dark areas. 

Aerial 9 Hardwired Contemporary attractive LED wall sconce is an eye-catching option for the modern or mid-century living area. A bold texture and an attractive shape are features of the sconce, and it is also energy-efficient. 

It has an aerial ring light made of shimmering acrylic that gives it a faint ethereal quality. This sconce has an adaptable 3300K color temperature and can flank a doorway or provide lighting for a reading corner.

Final thoughts

Lamps are necessary for effective lighting in any room. As an authentic lighting company, we offer different types, styles, and functions for lamps. So consider size, style, bulb type, and shade material before choosing a lamp. You should also know that proper placement is also important for proper lighting and atmosphere, apart from design and other factors.