The mid-century modern movement, spanning from approximately 1933 to 1965, emerged as a response to the post-World War II environment. Designers and architects aimed to blend the advantages of mass production and technology with the optimistic and human elements found in craftsmanship. Rooted in the International and Bauhaus movements, it flourished in the post-World War II era. Today, this style experiences a significant resurgence in modern homes, with authentic heirloom pieces seamlessly integrating with contemporary furnishings and decor, including living room wall lights. 

While hunting for the right style in vintage stores or online sites often results in an enjoyable weekend of discoveries, you can achieve the mid-century style equipped with modern technology and safety coupled with mid-century warmth. How? You can achieve this look by blending mid-century-styled light bulbs, vintage finds, and reissued arc lamps with current safety and energy-efficient standards.

It is important to consider that well-designed vintage lighting from the 1960s and 1970s is currently selling for 20 times the original value at the time of purchase. You can review brands such as Herman Miller, NOVA of California, Modeline, and Carl Hansen and note that they have increased in value by 2000% or more since the time of sale.

1. Vintage Light Bulbs

In the early 20th century, light bulbs used a heated filament to provide a golden glow. These bulbs were extremely energy inefficient. Edison LED bulbs have been designed to replace these earlier vintage light bulbs. 

Designers have crafted Edison LED bulbs to replace these earlier vintage light bulbs. Along with energy efficiency, Edison LED bulbs give off the same golden glow, similar to vintage light bulbs. Using Edison bulbs can be a quick solution to having a vintage-style light in your home. Moreover, vintage light bulbs clearly show things the way they are. They have a clearer Color Rendering Index (CRI), increasing their luminescence rather than adding a green or blue tint due to impurities in the manufacturing process of incandescent bulbs.

Mid-century lighting features sleek and minimalist design

2. Vintage Lanterns

Lanterns can provide ambient lighting to any space or can be used solely as art pieces. They are inexpensive fixtures that can provide that rustic feel. You can put your lantern on your dining table, in your bedroom, or even in the garden. Lanterns provide ambient lighting to any space or can be used just as art pieces. You can use them either as a flashlight or as an atmospheric light.

Various designs exist for lanterns. Some have a unique feature that enables the user to choose the preferred flame or lighting mode. The decorative outdoor lantern can be controlled with a remote or a switch. Its portable nature increases its efficiency as it can be used even in an outdoor setting.

3. Mid-Century Modern Arc Lamps

The first arc lamp was designed in 1960 by NOVA of California and conterminously by Flos, a lighting design company in Italy. The inventors of the lamp in the U.S. called it an “Arc Lamp” and the inventors in Italy called it the “Arco” floor lamp, but the concept was the same. The objective was to offer a hanging pendant that was portable and did not require an electrician to punch a hole in the ceiling to provide overhead lighting. This lamp has been featured in hit movies and TV series like “The Italian Job,” “Diamonds Are Forever,” “Mad Men” and many others.

mid century modern arc lamps-living room wall lights
Top 5 Must-Have Mid-Century Modern Arc Lamps for Your Space

Mid-Century Modern Arc Lamps feature a sleek and minimalist design. The base sustains the cantilevered shade, which becomes the focal feature extending over a sofa or sectional. These can be great additions to décor either as statement pieces or can provide a more functional role of lighting. Arc lamps from NOVA of California usually incorporate plated metal finishes with wood detailing. Arc lamps coordinate easily and complement other types of lighting in a room. 

Before buying an arc floor lamp, assess any other types of lighting you have in your house. While recessed cans may be overhead, they may not necessarily be positioned where you most need light. Arc lamps can correct poorly lit rooms. They provide overhead lighting without the need to hire an electrician and install a ceiling light. Most arc lamps have adjustable necks, suitable for lighting a workspace or placing over a sofa for reading.  

When buying an arc lamp, it is important to consider quality. This design cantilevers a relatively heavy shade over you and your guests and it pays to buy from a reputable manufacturer that has a history of quality. There are always poor quality, low-cost substitutes in the market, but if you are looking to buy a piece that may well be a part of your life for decades, it pays to buy once and buy intelligently.

The mid-century style has transcended its time of origin as a classic interior design option. Homeowners increasingly choose this design style to warm up the home or to create ambiance when entertaining friends and family. While no hard-and-fast rules exist, mid-century modern lighting is an effective way of achieving this design choice. Consider a mid-century modern arc lamp to achieve a warm and cozy feeling in your den and bedroom or a clear and crisp light for your desk or work environment.

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