The slender silhouettes and arching forms of today’s arc floor lamp echo the innovative function and ambitious beauty of its classic counterpart. Versatile in style, shape, and size, these functional arc lamps are well-suited to a variety of environments, styles, and purposes.

An Arc is Born

Our original NOVA Arc Lamp, circa 1964, was created out of a need for a portable alternative to hard-wired pendant lamps. The Mid-Century Modern design movement was in its heyday when NOVA’s Chief of Design, Peter Morelli, began working on the first arc lamps in the United States.

Frustrated by the need to hard-wire a pendant lamp over his oft-moved sectional, David Moskowitz, founder of NOVA of California was determined to design a creative, portable lighting solution.

It had to be versatile in style and function so other perpetual decorators like himself could move their room’s contents about on a whim or redecorate entirely.

With this purpose in mind, David set out to create the most functional overhead plug-in lamp in the world. Taking that a step further, he also wanted a design that was not just functional but also sculptural.

A Step Ahead

In 1962, David was dumbfounded while attending the first Milan fair and discovered Achille Castiglioni’s Arco Lamp. The concept he had been working on for years was there at the first Salone.

He brought one of the first models back to Los Angeles where he worked with Morelli in bending tubing, testing different shades, and experimenting with different base weights.

Once David had perfected his process and was pleased with the prototype, he set about setting the manufacturing lines in place, and thus the NOVA Arc Lamp was born!

Interior Designers & Architects Love NOVA

Admired for its sculptural form, minimalist aesthetic, maneuverability, space-saving benefits, and flexibility, the NOVA arc was an immediate hit among contemporary interior designers and architects who began buying NOVA’s Arc Lamps.

Our still-popular Mushroom Arc Lamps debuted at the Chicago Merchandise Mart in 1964 and have been in the NOVA line for nearly six decades.

Affable & Adaptable

Adaptable in its design and streamlined in form, the arc lamp melds beautifully with many living styles and works in almost any room in the home.

These lamps are highly versatile and can be used in the following applications:

  • A mid-size arc extending over a love-seat or wing chair for an inviting reading corner
  • Arc’s with a big reach can extend 7 feet over a sofa or sectional for well-lit living rooms to illuminate the coffee table
  • Multi-light arc floor lamps in the study set behind a favorite armchair are directional
  • An arched globe lamp extending over a dining table provides warm light for daily meals
  • Specific arc lamps can replace overhead lighting fixtures over the dining table or living room conversation area

In many NOVA designs the heads of arc lamps can be adjusted for direct lighting wherever desired.

Subtle Arcs or Dramatic Arches?

If you would like to see some of our favorite arc lamps and how they can light up various rooms of your home, we invite you to explore our entire arc lighting collection from subtle arcs to dramatic arches.

Each of our NOVA arc lamps is carefully crafted to create a sculptural presence and provide overhead lighting without the need for an electrician or drilling into ceilings. Please see our entire collection of Arch Floor Lamps.

What is the best floor lamp?

To find the best arc-style floor lamp for your room, you’ll need to decide how much light you require, your ceiling height, and placement. It’s simple to figure out—the more feet away from the base and arch extends, the more forward light the lamp will cast.  

For example, an expansive sectional will need more light than a corner reading nook. To achieve a larger illuminated area, place a large arching fixture behind the sofa extending over and out to the center. This allows light to fall on the center of the sectional and the coffee table.

A great alternative to overhead lighting without taking up too much space, arc floor lamps of different varieties are the perfect addition to any home. Just pick the size and style that’s right for you!

What style is an arc lamp?

Created for mid-20th-century modern homes, today’s arc lamps look fantastic when paired with modern, contemporary, transitional, boho, and eclectic style interiors. There are also arcs for Arts & Crafts, Lodge, Mission, and traditional environments.

An arc lamp with a pleated shade makes a wonderful addition to the transitional or traditional room. On the other hand, a pendant arc lamp will illuminate a boho or eclectic style décor perfectly.

Mica 3 Light Arc Floor Lamp

Our Mica 3 Light Arc Floor Lamp melds handsomely with contemporary, lodge, and rustic interiors. It features authentic mica mineral shades rendered in Arts & Crafts style. The light cast is a warm fire-like glow in earthy rust and orange hues.

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Luna Bella Brass Arc Floor Lamp

Luna Bella Brass Arc Floor Lamp, shown here in Brushed Nickel, melds a curvaceous silhouette with industrial elements for a floor lamp that speaks to modern and contemporary style rooms. The silver-leaf lined shade provides a glamorous glow over the dining table or conversation area.

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Luna Bella Brass Arc Floor Lamp

Luna Bella Brass Arc Floor Lamp, shown here in Brushed Nickel, melds a curvaceous silhouette with industrial elements for a floor lamp that speaks to modern and contemporary style rooms. The silver-leaf lined shade provides a glamorous glow over the dining table or conversation area.

Stretch Chairside Arc Lamp

Stretch Chairside Arc Lamp in Matte Black is more architectural and blends jutting lines with a pristine round shade in crisp white linen. The look speaks to modern and contemporary style interiors. The shade gives any room a soft glow ideal for a reading nook, a conversation area, a dining room, and a bedroom.

Mushroom 5 Light Arc Lamp

One of our absolute best sellers for decades, the NOVA Mushroom 5-Light Arc Lamp proves great design can be enjoyed for decades to come. The arc floor lamp boasts a stable marble base with a slender tube extending up and five luminaries bloom in different directions. The black steel design works nicely with many styles including contemporary, modern, Scandinavian, industrial, eclectic, and boho.

If you’re searching for iconic design arc floor lamps for your living room, NOVA offers all the current and classic style arc and arch lamps you’ll need to light up your spaces with warm ambient light.