Have you noticed how overhead or recessed lighting rarely offers lighting exactly where you want it? Are you wondering why you can’t seem to be productive when working from home? Have you considered that there might be a connection? It could be misdirected lighting in your living spaces or home office. Research has shown that lighting can affect engagement, well-being, and productivity. Arc Floor lamps are an excellent choice to light up your home office where you need light most. Arc lamps in particular are a way to provide portable overhead lighting that can put the light exactly where you want it, when you want it there.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Arc Floor Lamp

There are different types of arc floor lamps. When buying a floor lamp, it is important to pick one that is aligned with your needs and your taste. The lamp should also match the current decor of your living space.

Here are seven tips to look at when buying an arc floor lamp for your home office.

1. Height of Arc Floor Lamp

Before buying an arc lamp, you need to consider the height of your ceilings. You don’t want to buy a big arc lamp that won’t end up fitting in your home office. The sizes of other furniture in the home office will also help dictate the size of the arc lamp. The lamp may look out of place if it’s excessively tall while the other furniture in the office is low.
Adjustable-stem arc lamps are perfect for any home office. Their heights can be adjusted depending on the furniture in the office.

Let’s take a look at one of the NOVA’s most popular and tallest Arc Floor Lamps – Luna Bella 92′′ Arc Lamp. Its elevated light source distributes light over a larger area and its minimal design would suggest, thus creating a striking and elegant statement that you will add new life to your living space.

Luna Bella Arc Lamp

2. Lighting Power

Working in a poorly lit workspace can lead to eyestrain, migraines, and headaches. Research has shown that high-color temperature lights (above 3500K) can improve productivity. Similar studies suggest that low color temperatures (below 3,000K) help us relax and recuperate. Before you buy an arc lamp ensure that it can illuminate your workspace well.

Arc floor lamps with adjustable light settings are great for home offices. With the settings, you can control the amount of light filling your office depending on the time of day. It is also important to buy a lamp with high energy efficiency. Energy efficiency classes can range from class E to class A++. Class E means the lighting is not good for the environment while class A means it is very good for the environment and energy-saving.

Consider this NOVA Swing 8″ Plug-in Contemporary Sconce. It reduces eye strain by allowing you to simply shift the amount of light that is directed where you want it and it dims to the appropriate light level you require at different times of the day.

Spotlight Table Lamp: The Ultimate Guide to Arc Floor Lamps for Your Home Office

3. Type of Lighting Required

As you shop for an arc lamp you also need to consider the type of lighting your home office requires. There are three critical layers of light; ambient, task, and accent.

Arc reading lamps are excellent choices for task lighting on your workbench. Shaded floor lamps will provide warm ambient lighting.  You could use a torchiere to illuminate a dark corner and add some accent lighting to your office.

High arc floor lamps will evenly spread out light in your home office to illuminate a broader area. Though this is great for ambient lighting, it’s not ideal for task lighting on a desk for example. The style of light will also affect its placement, so buy a lamp that would match your living space.

Please consider NOVA’s Moraga 24′′ Bone Porcelain Table Lamp which comes with a nightlight feature. Its cutwork porcelain body houses an LED light source that when turned on, emits a lovely glow that may be utilized as a soft ambient lighting or a nightlight.

Moraga Table Lamp: The Ultimate Guide to Arc Floor Lamps for Your Home Office

4. Size of Arc Lamp & Space Saving

Arc floor lamps come in different shapes and sizes. Unlike other types of lamps, arc lamps need more space due to their horizontal extension. Tall floor lamps can fit into narrow spaces because of their vertical orientation. As you buy an arc floor lamp, look at the available space in your home office. Arc floor lamps have large bases so ensure that there is enough room for them. These bases can also slide elegantly beneath a sofa or recliner to the arc are well anchored and do not take up floor or end table space.

Check out this mid-century modern design arc floor lamp from NOVA. It’s just perfect next to a loveseat, club, or wing chair. 

Luna Bella White Arc: The Ultimate Guide to Arc Floor Lamps for Your Home Office

5. Aesthetics of the Home Office

As you shop for an arc floor lamp you need to look at the style of your home office. The lamp should complement your style. Buy a lamp that will work well with your current furniture instead of being hidden behind them. You may also consider a modern addition to create a more eclectic style.

You can get an arc lamp for every style depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

Are you a fan of minimalism style a rustic style or a modern industrial-style decor scheme? If you love classic modern styles, the Morelli 84″ Arc Lamp is the perfect piece for you as it covers all the bases. This iconic piece has been featured in many design magazines and is a NOVA original from 1962.

Morelli Arc Lamp

6. Cost of Arc Floor Lamp

With any purchase, the cost is an important factor to consider. The price of arc floor lamps can range from $299 to $6,000. However, don’t buy a low-quality arc lamp just because it’s cheap. A quality floor lamp may last you for a lifetime so make sure it’s a worthy investment. When buying an arc floor lamp, especially higher priced alternatives, ensure that you buy one with a warranty. You will have peace of mind in case something breaks in your lamp after you’ve bought it.

Making your decision

It can be quite a daunting task to select an arc floor lamp for a home office. Before buying one, look at the available space you have in your home office. This will help you determine the size of the arc lamp you can buy. Also, look at the type of lighting you require and the aesthetics of the home office. Once you have bought your arc floor lamp ensure you maintain them well. The lamps need to be cleaned periodically with a simple damp cloth.

Finally, when you opt for an arc lamp, do not forget to have a look at the range of arcs at Nova Of California. When it comes to arcs, they are the King and invented this design in 1962! NOVA’s high-quality, timeless designs will fill your living space with healthy, functional, warm, and joyful light

NOVA of California’s Best-Selling Arc Lamps

  1. Luna Bella 92″ Arc Lamp in Weathered Brass with Matte Black/Gold Leaf Shade and Dimmer Switch
  2. Morelli 84″ Arc Lamp, Weathered Brass Dark Brown with Dimmer Switch designed by Peter Morelli in 1962
  3. Natural Mica 86″ 3 Light Arc Lamp in Espresso and Bronze with Dimmer Switch
  4. Plimpton 72″ Arc Lamp in Espresso and Brushed Nickel with On/Off Switch