For those considering a move to boho style decor, many questions will likely arise. What is Bohemian interior design style? Is Boho decor still in style in 2020? 

These are two that immediately come to mind. Bohemian interior design is a free-spirited, totally inclusive approach to home decor. And yes, it’s alive and thriving in 2020. 

If anything, it’s even more inclusive of a broader range of color palettes and more varied levels of fun and whimsical design. Some takes on boho style in which “less is more” while a more traditional “everything goes” is still prevalent in some circles. 

1. Get Ready to Express Yourself

What is boho chic style? What does boho decor look like? The answer is, it looks like you–it’s the expression of your personality on full display in your living environment. 

Bohemian style is all about filling your home with what makes you happy; every single element should make you smile every time you enter a room. Boho style is not dull, and it’s rarely minimalist.

2. Decide How Wild Your Boho Decor Will Be

This awesome style offers something for everyone because of its wide range of possibilities. If you’re looking for a slightly restrained boho style but uber-chic, you can definitely achieve that look.

After all, that’s what today’s bohemian interior design is. Should you feel ready to go all out and embrace an over-the-top wild and wonderful eclectic living environment. That’s exceedingly possible with traditional boho style decor. Choose your level of boho comfort and never look back.

Boho Style Studio | Photo by Hean Prinsloo on Unsplash

3. Go for a Fabulous Color Palette for Eclectic Flair

Boho is known for its unrestrained use of color, but you can also achieve the look with a black and white palette that’s expressed in many patterns in a room.

Any single color that speaks to you can be repeated throughout a space. Blue is one good choice that is beautiful when expressed in its many tones, from pale to dark.

4. Give Rooms a Great Background with Unexpected Walls

Use wood paneling to surround your space with an earthy natural cocoon. Wallpapers and wallpaper murals can express a bohemian vibe.

Stripes, either painted or in a wallcovering, works successfully in some boho interiors. Any of these options, as well as fanciful paint treatments, offer beautiful backdrops for your bohemian treasures.

5. Start with the Foyer 

Whether yours is a grand entryway or a tiny space at the front door, you can easily elevate it with boho elements from floor to ceiling.

The foyer is a great place to use your unique console tables, buffets, and dressers. Consider giving them an unexpected color wash or other new finish for added visual interest. 

6. Don’t Forget Hallways

Sometimes hallways are ignored when it comes to decorating. But, they can be brought to life with wall art, lighting and even provide a spot to showcase a beloved chest, armoire, or a single chair and small side table at the end of the hall if space permits.

No matter how narrow a hallway is, there’s always room on one wall or both to create a gallery of paintings, drawings, or photographs.     

7. Add Color, Pattern & Warm Appeal with Area Rugs

No matter your color scheme, area rugs can be used for maximum effect because of the wide range of colors and patterns they offer.

8. Toss Bright Color Decorative Pillow for Fun

You’ll want to pile on the pillows, on the sofa, on lounge chairs, and on the bed. In boho style, it’s nearly impossible to have too many of these little jewels. Remember, Layer, Layer, Layer, and use textures generously.

9. Pattern is Boho’s Best Friend

Using pattern on pattern on pattern is one significant hallmark of this appealing style. Go for big blooms, fancy florals, plaids, stripes, toile, and any other pattern that strikes your fancy.

10. Be Sure Bedrooms are Calm Havens With a Dash of Bohemian Appeal

Tassels, trim, and a variety of textures in a single color family, even the palest of pales, can exude a lovely eclectic vibe that’s still restful and relaxing.

11. You’ll Find Bathrooms Welcome Bohemian Style

Get the look with greenery, macrame, and vibrant area rugs, as well as some of your favorite decorative accessories for the countertop.

Think about “jewelry” for a great look for towels and curtains: tasseled rope and repurposed broaches and pins.

12. Shine Light on Your Eclectic Spaces

Some of the best lighting ideas for boho style include elaborate chandeliers or pendant lights, lanterns of all sorts, lamps in any style with fringed shades, and unexpected wall sconce designs like animal shapes and other light-hearted figures. 

Mica 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp in Boho Style Living Room
Mica 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp

Our favorite type of light fixture, the arc floor lamp, just happens to fit beautifully with boho style living rooms, bedrooms, or sunrooms.

13. Be Sure to Add Moroccan Touches

Wedding blankets, area rugs, and all sorts of textiles such as those with Ikat designs work beautifully in this decor style. 

14. Put a Twist on a Traditional Gallery Wall

Whatever you include in your gallery wall, be sure it’s an eclectic collection. Art, woven baskets and mats, vintage photos, anything that can hang on a wall is fair game for a boho gallery wall.

15. Grow a Garden for Bohemian Appeal

Greeny is an iconic natural element in boho style–the more, the better. From fawning palms to fragrant herbs, boho is all about mother nature.

16. Think About Bohemian Style in the Kitchen

Plants, rug runners, small vintage appliances, and cooking utensils can add just the right touch.

17. Consider Tenting a Bedroom

Tenting a bedroom with fabric is a very bohemian thing to do. A less labor-intensive alternative that works well is adding a gauzy canopy over the bed can give you the same feel.

18. Create Cozy in an Attic Room

Boho style seems to be made for attic rooms. The cozy spaces lend themselves to being cocooned in color, pattern, and texture.

19. Infuse Rooms

Infuse Rooms with a Neutral Color Palette with Lots of Boho Chic Using Natural Textures, Organic Forms & Plants – And don’t forget the requisite macrame element.

Designer Take-Away

When creating your boho style home decor, you’ll want to first curate loads of boho decor ideas. Next, haunt antique stores, thrift shops, and yard sales to discover furniture, textiles, and found objects you can repurpose, giving them new life in your soon to be bohemian home. 

Using these readily available resources also means you can do exciting and beautiful boho without blowing your decorating budget and who doesn’t crave cheap bohemian decor ideas? Enjoy exploring bohemian style home decor!