Good lighting is usually the first thing visitors feel inside a home. When you enter a home, what’s the first thing you notice when you walk through the front door? Your eyes will first adjust to the lighting, whether it’s bright or dark. You’ll notice whether the house is flooded with natural light or dimly lit. You may feel the drama in a room created by layers of light. You may notice a particular decorative piece of lighting that has been placed in the corner. Here are seven reasons why good lighting is important in the home.

1. Give space and depth to your home for good lighting

Good lighting For you living room
Good lighting For your living room

Light can give you a feeling of spaciousness in your home. With this feeling of spaciousness, you can skilfully add new micro-environments. Light, when paired with color, will open up your home. Adding light to a light-colored space will help make a room feel large. If you illuminate a wall with light,  you’ll feel that the wall becomes bigger and more open.

Apart from adding space, light can also add depth to your home. This is why the distribution of furniture, objects, and light is critical. There is no one formula for how to illuminate your home. It’s all dependent on the space you’re in. A good tip is to put white light in the kitchen and the bathroom (it feels clean) and to put warm light in the rest of the house (it feels warm and cozy). With the additional spaces, you can create special micro-environments like a children’s playroom, a work-from-home space, a library or even a proper office.

2. Safety

As you consider lighting for your home, don’t neglect exterior and landscape lighting. These lights will increase the level of safety for your home. It is important to light pathways that are dimly lit or with high amounts of traffic. This will prevent fall or slip injuries to pedestrians on the pathway. These preventative measures could save you from a potential problem.

You could also benefit from increased property value by adding exterior and landscape lighting. Some studies have even shown that property values may increase by as much as 20% with elevated lighting.

3. Security

Smart home lighting,  especially exterior lighting, can improve the security of your home. A dark house is more likely to be burgled than a well-lit one. This is why people always leave lights on when they leave their houses at night. Studies have shown that homeowners who have well-lit houses are 44% less likely to be burgled and 22% less likely to be vandalized.

4. Highlighting

Good lighting has this magical effect that tends to amplify spaces. If you want to enhance specific decorative articles in your home, then consider lighting them up. A pastel or a neutral tone will brighten up your home. On the other hand, dark colors will dwarf your home space if you don’t strategically place it.

5. Savings

You could save on electricity bills if you maximize modern home lighting with energy-saving lighting with extended bulb life. It is also important to consider the location and design of the windows because you always want to have as much natural light as possible for the longest periods. Your choice may depend on factors like climate and the location of the house.

6. Improve mood

Good lighting-noc home new banner1
lighting-noc home new banner1

Light has a magical power in our everyday lives. Good lighting can improve the mood of your home and those that inhabit it. Studies have revealed that stress is high in areas where there are fewer hours of sunshine. Also, people’s moods are generally good on days when there’s good weather and good lighting. Any modification in the lighting can transform the general appearance of your home. You can use contemporary decorative lighting pieces to improve the aesthetics of your home and update the environment from an otherwise drab and traditional room setting.

7. In Summary

Natural light is critical as it can provide that much-needed warmth during the cold winter months. You can also warm up your home by placing lamps and candles in strategic places. They will warm up your home, giving you that personal and intimate touch.

Light is essential to our homes and office spaces. Adding light to your home can strategically add perceived space to your living environment. In that light influences our mood, you can use it to decorate your dining room or study to create a positive feeling. Exterior lighting will improve the safety of pedestrians around your home as it will prevent trips and falls. Furthermore, the light will act as a deterrence to theft and vandalism.