It’s time to make a plan for your holiday 2020 decorating and decor. The holidays are all about using holiday decor ideas based on decor style to help create new memories that will last a lifetime or recreating happy memories of Christmases past.

Start a tradition for your family to enjoy every year or carry on traditions from your parents or grandparents. Doing either will enrich your holidays and your life. We thought you could use a few holiday decor tips to inspire your planning process. Please enjoy:

Traditional Holiday Decor Styles Can Make Your New Home Glow

Bring the holidays to life with traditional red, green, and white Christmas decorations. Nothing says, “The winter holiday season is here” like the scent of evergreens.

Make your home glow with candlelight and the greenery in the form of a Christmas tree and awesome evergreen swags, wreaths, and topiaries. Don’t forget red ribbons, golden bells, and piles of all-around gorgeous and colorful tree ornaments.

A Bridge Style: Transitional Style Ideas to Elevate Your Christmas Decor

If your interior design aesthetic lands somewhere between traditional and contemporary, transitional Christmas decor should suit your home perfectly.

The transitional style is a balance between a traditional and contemporary style that creates an entirely new style all its own, allowing you to choose both traditional and contemporary elements that speak to you in a fresh new way. Add lots of crystal and silver touches to your traditional wreaths and such to give them an updated look.

Holiday Decor Ideas for a Contemporary Christmas

Contemporary-style decorations can add a light and lively look to your new home for Christmas. Infuse the latest trending elements into your holiday decor.

Maybe choose pastel tones to bring a lighter feeling to this year’s holidays, although rich jewel hues can easily work their stylish contemporary magic in sleek, gentle forms.

Contemporary style is all about elegant simplicity, and that can elevate your Christmas decor to soaring new heights you’ll love. Don’t forget to include a stylish contemporary mirror to bounce those joyful twinkly lights around the room.

Modern Farmhouse Style Tablescapes

Decorate your new home with a modern country style for Christmas with a modern farmhouse tablescape that is at once appealing and surprising. How about starting with a tablecloth or table runner in a warm and inviting oversized buffalo check in your favorite color palette?

On top of that, at a huge holiday centerpiece with your choice of farmhouse kitchen elements strewn down the table along with garlands or snippets of fresh fragrant greenery. And candles, always candles, on your Christmas tablescapes!

Rustic Settings Are Perfect at Christmastime

Evergreen branches and pinecones just plucked from nature, illuminated by fat glowing candles, speak the rustic language of a Christmas table. Slices cut from fallen trees that still carry their history with awesome tree rings can serve as placemats.

Be sure to include these rustic-centric holiday decor tips this year! Dried grasses and other such elements will give your floral centerpiece and natural style. And, well, you get the picture. Rustic Christmas tablescapes can be just right if your lifestyle is more casual than refined.

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Source: The Modern Christmas Tree shoot at the historic Stahl House

Iconic Mid-Century Holiday Decor to Delight

If you’re fortunate enough to have an iconic Mid-Century Modern light fixture hanging above your dining table, you have the perfect setting for a holiday feast to remember.

Set the table with Mid-Century tableware and include modern tabletop accessories in your tablescape. Use those iconic metallic trees and lots of metallics on your dining table, too.

Recreate 100-Year-Old Cottage Style for Christmas in Your New Home 

If you can’t get that image of a long-gone Scandinavian cottage decorated for Christmas out of your mind, bring it back to life in your new home. You’ll need a long farm table and rustic chairs.

On those chairs, will ideally rest a casually arranged lambskin rug, or if you prefer, faux lambskin. Set the table with antique or vintage china and glassware.

A blue color palette would be especially suitable, or pale grey would also work well. Candlesticks with your favorite candles are a must to grace your Scandinavian table from end to end.

Bring Back Childhood Memories of Christmas at Grandma’s House

At Christmastime, many of us yearn for the holidays of years past, craving the comfort and unbridled joy of spending time at Grandma’s house. Indulge yourself by bringing back to life all the details of what makes those Christmas memories special.

Let’s just call this Grandma style because it’s all about your vision of those times and after all, each of us had a grandmother with her very own style, whether it was farmhouse or sophisticated; that’s what informed our love of Christmas and the holiday season.

Create a Luxe Holiday Style with Silver & Gold

All that glitters is not gold. It’s also gorgeous silver. Merge silver, gold, and mirror elements to bring luxe style to your new home for the holidays. The beauty of these metallics can be used to decorate your tree and embellish your holiday table.

When in doubt, add more gold and silver. Your holiday decorations can always use even more gold and silver. Candlelight brings out the elegant beauty of metals, especially silver and gold.

Over-the-top with Ranch House Style for the Holidays

Have you always dreamed of being a cowgirl or even the cattle baron’s daughter? Consider fulfilling that dream with over-the-top ranch house-style Christmas decor to enhance your new home.

Think leather (what’s a ranch without leather, velvet, and lace to suit a stylish girl of the Old West or the future heir of a Texas cattle baron? Make it sumptuous and unexpected, upscale ranch house holiday decor for 2020.

Be sure to Make a Plan for Lighting Your Home for the Holidays

We hope you’re well on your way to creating your ideal Christmas style and starting your holiday traditions. Remember, relax, and enjoy this special time of year and all it means to you. Now you see there are lots of ways to infuse Christmas style into your new home! Choose one that works for you.

Aren’t all these holiday decor ideas and holiday decor tips making you excited about decorating your home for the holidays? I know we are!

Happy holidays from NOVA!