The world experienced tremendous changes during the 20th and 21st century. There were two world wars and multiple regional wars. Airplanes, computers, mobile phones, LED technology, and the internet were all invented in this century. Companies that failed to adapt to all these changes fell into oblivion. NOVA of California isn’t one of them. The company has reinvented itself countless times and remains at the forefront of branding and marketing. Despite changing market demands, NOVA of California has leveraged the timeless appeal of its products to stay relevant and thrive.

NOVA of California is the oldest lighting company in North America. It was founded in 1923 by three brothers, Israel Langbaum, David Moscowitz, and Murray Moskowitz. Their mission was to solve real-world problems while making people’s homes warmer and cozier. Here are some of the legendary products made by NOVA of California.

Iconic Products For Old-Style Lighting:

1. Arc Lamps

Old style lighting-Mid- Centaury- Modern-Arc-lamps

Mel Moskowitz and his chief designer,  Peter Morelli, had been working on a structure to hang their pendants on a portable structure since the late 1950s.  Peter visited the first International Furniture Fair in  Milan in 1962.  During that show, he met with Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni who had also been working on a lighting idea for hanging pendants. They called it the Arco lamp.

The three met and pursued this idea for their unique markets.  Peter completed his iconic mushroom arc lamp for an American audience in 1962. By 1967, his designs included wood elements, additional arms, swivels, and a lucite shade. By 1970, NOVA was a household name when it came to arc lamps, and the company was known as the “King of Arc lamps”. NOVA of California now offers a range of Mid-Century Modern-style arc lamps.

Natural Mica 86″ 3 Light Arc Lamp: Following Peter Morelli’s success, Mervyn Weitz took over the helm of NOVA’s design team in 1997. In 1999, he designed the Mica 3-light arc lamp which has become a NOVA classic. He drew inspiration from 1900’s Arts & Crafts style lamps combined with craftsmanship from mid-20th century modern elements. The fiery glow from the MICA shades provides warmth and ambiance to any living space.

Luna Bella 92″ Arc Lamp:  This modern style floor lamp provides a soft modern vibe to relevant living spaces. The lamp’s sturdy black marble base supports a steel arc that goes over sofas and other 犀利士 furniture. A gold-leafed shade held by the steel arc provides overhead lighting. The curved shape of the shade adds a sexiness to the style.

Chairside Arc Lamp: This lamp provides a touch of simplicity and practical modernity to any home. It provides overhead lighting to any space in the living room and is best used next to club or wing chairs or loveseats as a reading lamp.

2. Accent Lamps

NOVA of California designs elegant accent lamps that are used to add extra light to living spaces. They are used to highlight art or artifacts and to light up workspaces in homes. The Luna Bella Desk Lamp is an iconic accent lamp provided by NOVA. It is inspired by a 1960s NOVA mid-century modern design. It adds a charming feeling to a desk, work-from-home spaces, or nightstand for example. The lamp’s gold leaf finish and matte black sculptural shade give it an elegant look.

3. Infinity Mirrors

Timeless Brilliance: 100-Year-Old Lighting Brand Shines On

This iconic lighting piece is a product of efforts by NOVA to continue innovating and merging lighting, LED technology, and art with home décor. It is a circular work of art with a series of small lamps on its inner surface that makes it look like it’s continuing indefinitely. Infinity Mirrors incorporate smart plugs which enable users to control the mirror through a wide range of apps. Users can activate the mirror on the app manually or through voice commands.

Carnival 36″ Round LED Infinity Mirror: This smart infinity mirror serves as both a work of art and a mirror. It was made famous in the 1960s by NOVA’s Chief Designer in the 1990s, Jon Gilmore. It offers a boundless expanse of light to any room and you can control it from your smartphone.

NOVA of California draws inspiration from technology and the history of the company. The development of LED technology, for example, has provided NOVA with an excellent opportunity to express their creative freedom. They can now design smaller and more flat products. LEDs last about 55,000 hours which is a far cry from the lifespan of traditional bulbs.

It takes resilience and willingness for a company to stay in business for more than a century. Despite all the challenges of increased competition, skyrocketing inflation, and a global pandemic, the NOVA of California is still going strong. It is a leading designer of high-quality California-style modern lighting and home décor. 

The strategic acquisitions and continuous product development have enabled the company to rapidly grow.