Color Trends 2024 is always the talk of the design world this time of year. Right now we’re seeing the first “Color of the Year” announcements from paint companies and other color experts. Let’s take a look at the color picks for 2024 we have so far. 


Benjamin Moore Paint Co. Color Trends 2024 palette includes evocative hues of Gray Cashmere, Atrium White, Muslin, Foggy Morning, Amazon Soil, Rosy Peach, and more. The soft and lovely Aegean Teal is their choice for Color of the Year 2024. Following are three  rooms that are enveloped in that calm, yet inspirational color:

Color Trend 2024

As illustrated by the corner above, light has a huge impact on the beautiful Aegean Teal. So keep that in mind if you’re considering giving this color a try.

Notice how Aegean Teal can act as a gorgeous neutral. The deep pop of pink of the simple floral arrangement above is a great accent against the awesome teal wall.

What a joy to cook your favorite meal in an Aegean Teal kitchen. Take your modern kitchen to a new level with this 2024 hue.

Future: Unveiling Color Trends 2024

Our NOVA Sentry Table Lamp in Satin Nickel makes an awesome partner for Aegean Teal. This contemporary table lamp is at once beautiful and functional for the study or family room. We think this combination is a keeper.

 Dulux  Color Trends 2024

Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2024 offers up an unexpected hue rooted in nature–Urbane Bronze. “Nature at its simplest and most elemental — embodying the richness of the Earth’s stone, metal, and wood — forges a feeling that’s grounded, meditative, and serene,” says the Sherwin Williams color team. 

The color makes an idyllic pairing with Scandinavian-style decor of rich woods, living walls, and ceramic vessels in white, grey, and sand. Textiles in rich leather, linen, natural yarns, and crisp cotton. 

Pantone Color of the Year 2024 Coming Soon

Aegean Teal and Urbane Bronze are just the beginning of the colors of the year for 2024. We’ll keep you posted on what we soon see from Pantone, Dulex, and many others. If you are immediately captivated by this lovely color then go for it in a big way if it fits into your home’s palette. 

If you’re not sure about any of the chosen colors for 2024, you can always test-drive it with an accessory or two in that specific hue. You’ll find it’s a lot of fun to experiment and think out of your normal color box.

If we can help you in your color adventures or just have a question about any of NOVA’s offerings, let us know. We’d love to help. You may contact us here.