The COVID-19 pandemic compelled all of us to explore new ways of working. According to Pew Research, at least once a week, 52% of employees worldwide now work from home. This shift represents a significant change for most workers. Integrating a Modern Arc Lamp into home office spaces reflects this evolving work landscape, offering both functionality and contemporary design.

Most people struggle to find the optimal spot in their home where they can be most productive. Whatever location you choose in your home, it is vital to ensure the area is well-lit with the right kind of light to optimize productivity and protect your eyes.

Does Lighting Affect Productivity?

Lighting plays a critical role in improving the concentration and productivity of those who work from home. The right kind of light in a home office will relieve the computer screen’s glare on your eyes. The right type of lighting will also improve your energy level. 

Working from dimly lit home workspaces will cause unnecessary eye strain, which can lead to headaches and damage your eyes. Furthermore, in dimly lit workspaces, employees experience drowsiness and lose motivation to work.

On the other end, extremely bright lighting can also cause migraines.

Working From Home with a Modern Arc Floor Lamp

Should I Buy a Floor Arc Lamp For My Home Office? 

A reading arc floor lamp is perfect for lighting up your workspace. An arc-curved floor lamp consists of a sturdy base and a tall stem that extends from the base. The light from the lamp may be direct or diffused.

Modern arc floor lamps can provide an elegant look to your workspace. Reading floor lamps will provide focused light that will brighten your desk space. When selecting a reading lamp, find one with a tilting shade and a flexible arm. With these adjustment capabilities, you will be able to move the light to wherever you need it.

Arc floor lamps are also portable, so you can move them to any other room when a need arises. They are stationed on the floor and allow for more usable desk space that would otherwise be taken up by a desk lamp. They are great statement pieces for entertaining and can be repositioned over sectionals and sofas when you have guests.

Considerations for Choosing a Modern Arc Lamp

When choosing a floor lamp for your workspace, keep a few things in mind.

1. Type of lighting required

When choosing an arc floor lamp, the most crucial aspects to consider for the arc light would be the style, scale, placement, and amount of light output required.

There are three kinds of lighting that lamps can bring to a room – ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. 

In ambient lighting, the arc light projects upwards and sideways. Shaded floor lamps will provide ambient lighting. Task lighting is targeted lighting that illuminates a spot, such as your desktop. This type of lighting will be perfect for your home office, and an arc reading lamp is ideal for this task.

Accent lighting serves more of an aesthetic purpose. For example, you can highlight an art piece to which you wish to draw attention.

2. Height

Height (ceiling height and the arc floor lamp height) is the make-or-break factor when choosing to buy an arc floor lamp. A tall floor lamp will spread light to a broader area, making it fantastic for ambient lighting but less ideal for task lighting.

Most floor lamps are around 6 feet (1.8 meters) high. If the ceiling height for your home office is low, a tall lamp will look out of place. However, a short lamp in a home office with a high ceiling looks comical. 

It is also important to look at the scale of furniture in the room. Your floor arc lamp should complement the furniture in your workspace. For example, a short arc lamp would go well with lower-profile furniture.

Remember to select an arc lamp whose light source is concealed to avoid uncomfortable glares.

3. Available space

Before buying an arc curved floor lamp, it’s essential to think about arc lamp placement. A modern arc lamp tends to take up more space because of its horizontal extension. Chairside arc lamps can be ideal when the space is limited. If you intend to purchase a larger arc floor lamp, make sure you have enough floor space. You never want to wedge a large lamp in between other pieces of furniture. It appears cramped. An arc-curved floor lamp is a versatile choice for your home office. If you need a modern arc lamp for your workspace, ensure you know the size and type you require, considering the room size and the intended use of the light. When looking for an arc lamp, first eliminate the low-quality options that will not maintain their angle and may become wobbly and ineffective. Nova of California’s high-quality, well-engineered lamps ensures that the quality lasts for generations. Also, ensure you have a snapshot of your workspace. With the photo, you will be able to visualize the lamp’s look in the workspace.

4. Budget

Understanding that there are many modern arc lamps in the market, it is important to understand that “you get what you pay for.” There are many low-cost, low-quality copies on the market. Are you in the market to buy a quality luminaire that will last for many years and deliver quality or are you looking for a cheap, temporary solution to fill an immediate need on a budget? Buying a Nova of California arc lamp ensures that you are purchasing a timeless luminary that will last a lifetime.